Larcoa Estudio

Showroom dedicated to the sale of furniture, lighting, and a new section of accessories for kitchens and bathrooms. Studio of interior design of private places and premises. Items of contemporary design

Phone: 942 36 71 18
Address: C/ Castilla 81, 39009 Santander

Jessica Bataille

In 1997 I set up in Jávea after living in Holland between both Eastern and Western cultures. My mother and my father Lebanese Dutch have influenced much in my design and style.

Address: C/Bruselas 8, 03730 Jávea (Alicante).

Pecata Minuta

We constantly recycling, make the best selection of brands “in” at the time, incorporating them into our store, we look at the best fairs, on blogs, on the street … any space that tells us the trends. Pecata we dress in both your day and your most important moments offering style and design.

Address: C/Cervantes nº13 (Castellon).

Natura Casa Diagonal

In 1992 the first Natura store opens in Barcelona.
In 1994 begins its expansion in Spain through franchises.
In 1994 the first store in Oporto, Portugal opens.
Today, Natura is present in Spain, Portugal and Mexico.

Address: Diagonal,472 476. Barcelona

Natura Ibiza

The smile is our banner.
Natura is synonymous with originality, excitement and positive attitudes.
Our goal is to awaken the senses of our friends and customers.
Throughout our history, in Natura we have endeavored to build a space fusion of cultures.

Address: Plaza del parque ,7. Ibiza


White & Wood born with the dream of creating a unique space in which to find nice things. It is not a clothing store, nor complements nor home … have all that and a little more.
White & Wood we like things well done, with high quality materials and companies, mainly Spanish, which will help you enjoy it.
We hope your visit, we are convinced that you will love.

Address: Camino Conde de Altea, 54, 03590 Altea (Alicante), España


Shop for creativity and the senses.
Concept Batllo and KIONITA come together to recreate a single environment based on three pillars: design, creativity and client.
A place where art, culture and commerce are mixed, where things happen.
A project that arises from the need to expose the creative work of Batllo Concept (architecture and design of unique pieces) and KIONITA (specializing in fashion design brand) both developing its activity in the Basque Country.

Address: Calle Zabaleta 45, 20002 San Sebastián, Pais Vasco, Spain